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Arden International Sean Gelael’s New Team for 2017

Christian Horner, the son of Arden Team founders. (arden)

Arden International was founded by former British Racing Driver Christian Horner and his father Garry Horner at the beginning of 1997 in order to contest the FIA F3000 Championship, a European single seater category which was recognised world-wide as Formula One’s understudy.

Racing both in Europe and internationally, Formula 3000 acted as the main support race at each European Grand Prix until it ceased in 2004.Arden had immense success in their years of Formula 3000, notably winning the 2002, 2003 & 2004 Team Championships.

Formula 3000 was re-born as the GP2 Series in 2005, continuing to be the main support race at the European Grand Prix and certain long-haul destinations, Bahrain was the first fly-away destination in 2005. With eleven races supporting the Grand Prix, including two middle-eastern destinations, GP2 has become the Feeder Series of Formula One. Arden International had a strong start in the new series and steadily scored points and podiums over the years, to be a well-established and regarded team on the GP2 Series grid.

In 2010, GP3 Series was introduced to support the Formula One Grand Prix, following Formula One around the European Grand Prix circuits. The GP3 Series is a Stepping stone into the GP2 Series category, following the same values and regulation. The team have enjoyed many triumphs, producing drivers who take the next step up into GP2 Series or in the case of its 2013 winner Daniil Kyvat, straight into Formula One.

Arden International further expanded and procured a place in the World Series by Renault Championship in 2012, a Championship which visits circuits around Europe and also supports the Monaco Formula One Grand Prix. The team have had consistent success and finished in the top four in Team Standings as well as Driver Standings in the last three years.

For 2015, Arden continues to grow by securing an entry to the new MSA Formula Championship. The new Junior team will take drivers from age 15 years into single seater racing following the British Touring Car Championship calendar around the UK. (arden.motorsport.arl)

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