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What the Drivers said after the WEC 1000 Miles of Sebring (Jakarta) – Below is what some of the drivers in the post-race press conference at yesterday’s 1000 Miles of Sebring.

Mike Conway – Toyota Gazoo Racing, No.7 Toyota GR010 Hybrid Hypercar

“The first couple of stints were all about front tyre management, so getting through the double stints and seeing how we were going to fare against our competition.

“It went quite well and we seemed to have the pace especially when we needed to keep the tyre. Obviously the Ferraris went off strategy at that point and it didn’t work for them. That enabled us to increase the lead with the pace that we had.

“It was a great job by my teammates as well. Great job on the whole team, the pit stops were solid all weekend and credit to the No.7 crew.”

“I’d like to dedicate this to my Dad (Michael Conway MBE) who we lost last year. This one is for him.”

Will Stevens – Hertz Team Jota, No.48 Oreca Gibson

“The start was pretty hectic. Obviously, we knew it was going to be it’s our first race and everyone was with no tyre warmers. It was actually cleaner than I thought it was going to be.

“We knew it was obviously a long race and we knew we had a good race car, so we need to just be patient and work our way towards the front. We managed to pull a big gap but we always knew that they (Prema) were on a slightly better strategy than us.

“We knew they were very close to not having to fuel at the end, so we had to try and pull a gap, which we pushed hard in the last two, three stints of the race to do. We needed to get 40-seconds and  we just about got there and we weren’t sure if they were going to pit or not, so we boxed early.

“We put the fuel in that we needed to get to the end and obviously when I came out behind the Prema, I thought they were going to go to the end. When they did box, we were delighted because as our first races as Hertz Team Jota, it’s amazing for us to get this victory.

“It’s always special to win here at Sebring and obviously my two new teammates both did a great job. Big thanks to the team and a great way for us to start this venture.”

Nicolas Varrone – Corvette Racing, No.33 Chevrolet Corvette C8.R

“I think it was a really difficult race for me. I had to do a triple sting. I have done a triple stint at Le Mans but I’ve got to say here it is much more difficult. It’s tougher.=

“Ben (Keating) did the start and did a really good job. It was a pretty difficult because the car was sliding a bit and the front was changing a lot the whole race. You had to kind of figure out what was happening.

“I mean, the whole we have the best team at Corvette Racing. They did a great job with all week long and my teammates did an  amazing job. It’s a dream come true. (fiaWEC/arl/wto)

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